Cotton Quilt COTTON TOUCH - 4 seasons, consists of two quilts, ultralight and all-season, fastened together with press studs. The design allows you to use two quilts at the same time, or each of them separately. Depending on the season or your individual needs. Ultralight in the summer, year-round spring and autumn, and when fastened together, they create a very warm winter quilt.


Which quilt is the best?
It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, before buying a duvet you need to think carefully about what you need. Each of us has different needs, we spend a lot of time in bed, so it is worth making sure that the duvet we choose meets our expectations. When choosing a quilt, it is worth focusing on aspects such as thickness, filling, sheathing or size of the quilt. A well-chosen quilt ensures a comfortable and pleasant sleep, which has a significant impact on our well-being and regeneration of the body during sleep. KIMO 4 seasons quilts were created with the needs and desires of customers in mind. Made of the highest quality materials, with attention to the smallest detail. A wide range of sizes and different thicknesses will allow everyone to find what they are looking for.

Top quality duvets
When choosing a duvet, one of the most important criteria should be its high quality. High-quality products are characterized by high durability, which allows them to be used for longer and, as a result, save money over the years. When choosing, you should not be guided only by the price, but also by the type of materials used, and the purchase itself should be treated as an investment. KIMO all-season quilts are made of the highest quality products certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which guarantees their excellent quality and safety.

Anti-allergic duvets with anti-allergic filling
The anti-allergic duvet is an ideal proposition for allergy sufferers who cannot use duvets with natural filling. The thermal properties of the COTTON TOUCH quilt are similar to those with natural filling. They are also a cheaper alternative to down quilts. The duvet with a high-quality filling made of hollow-type siliconized polyester fiber (HCS) is characterized by extraordinary fluffiness and softness. In addition, it is extremely warm and lightweight. The duvet filling, compared to natural fillings, prevents the development of mites and fungi, which is extremely important for sleep hygiene. Cotton duvets are very easy to keep clean and are also incredibly durable. It can be washed in the washing machine without fear of damage or loss of high quality. COTTON TOUCH duvets have excellent micro-ventilation, which supports the skin's breathing process and builds a perfect sleep microclimate. Breathability and the ability to wick away moisture to the outside are the definite advantages of our quilts. A breathable quilt is also a great option for people who sweat a lot.

Which duvet cover to choose, cotton or synthetic?
The sheathing of the quilt is largely responsible for its strength and durability. When choosing, it is worth taking into account the breathability of the material and resistance to wear. We recommend choosing quilts covered with certified high-quality cotton. Appropriately densely woven cotton prevents the migration of fibers constituting the filling, and protects the filling against the accumulation of moisture or dirt. The natural fabric allows the free flow of air, thanks to which excess moisture is absorbed and the body can breathe. In addition, excellent quality cotton is extremely nice and soft to the touch, which gives the duvet a luxurious character.

Summer, winter, all-season or 4-season duvet? Which duvet to choose?
When choosing a duvet, we ask ourselves the following questions: What is the best duvet for winter? What is the best summer duvet? Is it worth buying a 4 seasons duvet? All-season or winter duvet? To answer this question, we need to consider what air temperature we have in the bedroom and when we feel comfortable. The all-season duvet is perfect for autumn and spring when the temperature in the room is between 17 and 21 degrees. A summer or ultralight duvet is perfect in the summer, when the outside temperature is high, and also when the temperature in the apartment is above 24 degrees. On the other hand, a winter quilt is perfect when the temperature in the room drops below 17 degrees. In order not to have to buy each duvet separately, it is a good idea to invest in a 4 season duvet. The KIMO Cotton Touch 4 seasons quilt is a set of two quilts, ultralight and all-season, which can be fastened with snaps to create a very warm winter quilt. Thanks to this 3-in-1 solution, we save space at home, and we do not have to spend money on another quilt.

How to choose a duvet size?
You are probably asking yourself: What is the best size for a duvet? The size of the duvet is a very important aspect when choosing it. It is not worth being guided only by the size of the bed or mattress because it may not be enough for the duvet to be perfectly matched. When choosing the width of the quilt, you need to consider whether the quilt is used by one, two or more people. The position we take while sleeping is also important, whether we sleep on our side, back or stomach, and whether we like to wrap ourselves in a quilt creating the so-called cocoon. The length of the quilt is largely dependent on our height, tall people should choose a longer length of the quilt, ab they could be well covered. We recommend choosing a 140x200 or 160x200 duvet for one person. The size of the duvet 180x200, 200x200 and 220x200 is ideal for couples who want to sleep together under one duvet.

Available quilt sizes in KIMO:
Quilt 140x200 cm
Quilt 160x200 cm
Quilt 180x200 cm
Quilt 200x200 cm
Quilt 220x200 cm

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