Comfortable and durable pillows that keep their shape for a long time. They are fluffy and light. Thanks to the sewn-in zipper, you can adjust its height yourself. The pillows are made of delicate cotton. The filling consists of thousands of elastic polyester fibers to keep the pillows unusually fluffy. The product is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class I


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What is the best pillow?
A comfortable sleeping pillow is one of the key elements that affect the quality and comfort of our sleep. A properly selected sleeping pillow supports a healthy and restful sleep, thanks to which we wake up rested and regenerated. Therefore, when choosing a sleeping pillow, pay attention to your individual needs and requirements. The pillow should be made of safe, high-quality materials so that it can be used for a longer period of time. When choosing a pillow, it is worth paying attention to such things as: pillow filling, thickness, sheathing and shape. Cotton Touch KIMO pillows are made of the highest quality products certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which guarantees their excellent quality and safety. Made with the greatest attention to detail. Produced in Poland. Available in the most popular and universal sizes.

How to choose a sleeping pillow? What should you pay attention to?
Choosing the right pillow is a very individual matter. There is no one universal pillow that will be perfect for everyone. The pillow should be chosen in such a way that the cervical spine is in a straight line after lying on it. The position in which we sleep most often is also important, because then different thicknesses of the pillow are recommended so that the body is placed in the right position. It is worth paying attention to whether the pillow is soft or hard. Filling is also important. There are pillows with natural and synthetic filling available on the market. High-quality synthetic filling is an excellent choice for all people, especially for allergy sufferers, due to its hypoallergenic properties.

Antiallergic pillow. The perfect pillow for allergy sufferers.
Anti-allergy pillow with silicone filling is a great choice for people with allergies, sensitive to the presence of dust and mites. It is a very good alternative to pillows with natural filling. Pillows with anti-allergic filling are extremely flexible and resilient. They adapt to the shape of the head. They do not deform, do not clump, despite use they retain their original shape. They are also incredibly light and fluffy. Cotton Touch Kimo pillows have the ability to independently adjust the height of the pillow. Thanks to this function, we can properly adjust the height of the pillow to ensure the correct position during sleep. Kimo sleeping pillows can be machine washed and tumble dried without worrying about deformation. COTTON TOUCH pillows also have excellent micro-ventilation, which supports the skin's breathing process and builds a perfect sleep microclimate.

What should the pillow cover be like?
The pillow cover should be made of high-quality, safe materials, preferably of natural origin. It is largely responsible for the strength and durability of the pillow. An excellent choice is a pillow with a cover made of certified cotton, which allows the skin to breathe freely, and excess moisture is absorbed, which translates into a comfortable sleep. Appropriately densely woven cotton protects against the accumulation of impurities, as well as against the migration of fibers that fill the pillow. The soft cotton cover is also ideal for sensitive skin.

Popular pillow sizes
The most popular sleeping pillow in Poland is a pillow in the size of 70x80 cm. It is a large, comfortable pillow that provides adequate support for the head, neck and thoracic spine.

A 50x60 cm pillow is also popular and often bought. This pillow size is perfect for children's and single beds. It is usually flatter than a 70x80 cm pillow.

Pillow 40x40, is a tiny square pillow, often used as an additional pillow for the head and as a filling for decorative pillowcases. It is also great for travel and as a pillow for kindergarten or nursery.

Available sizes of COTTON TOUCH Kimo pillows:
Pillow 40x40
Pillow 50x60
Pillow 70x80

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