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Quilted bedspread CONCRETE
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Quilted bedspread MARBLE
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Flovers quilted bedspread
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What is a bedspread?
A bedspread is a cover for a bed. It is also known as a bedspread or bed blanket. It has a protective role for bedding, sofas, but also has a decorative function for the interior. It is made of various materials, both synthetic and more desirable and pleasant to the skin, such as wool, cotton or linen. Bedspreads are sewn in various sizes, colors or patterns, so that everyone can find the perfect decoration for their interior. KIMO quilted bedspreads are characterized by original, unique original patterns that you will not find anywhere else. Designs created with passion, with attention to the smallest detail. The offer includes both elegant, subdued, delicate patterns that add an impression of luxury to the interior, but also modern, crazy patterns of bedspreads.

What is a bedspread for?
Bedspreads are designed to protect our bedding against possible dirt or protect against dust settling on the bedding. There are bacteria, mites, fungi or pollen in the dust, so the bedspread is especially useful in the bedroom of an allergy sufferer to protect his bedding and provide him with a comfortable sleep. A blanket for a bed is also irreplaceable if we have pets at home, such as a dog or a cat, that love to lie on our beds. By covering the bed with a bedspread, we will prevent hair from settling on our bedding, as well as dirt such as mud or saliva. The bedspread does not have to be used only to protect the bed, it works great as a cover for a sofa, sofa or corner sofa.

How to choose the color and pattern of the bedspread for the bedroom?
An important criterion when choosing a bedspread is its color, pattern and size. When choosing a blanket for a bed, we should match it to the style in which the bedroom is decorated. If we want the decoration to be consistent in the room and things to match, choose bedspreads in similar colors to other accessories. This choice is safe and harmonizes with the interior design, often used in rooms decorated in a glamorous, classic or loft style. Invariably, a hit in interior design is the marble motif, which adds an impression of elegance and luxury. The exclusive marble bedspread is perfect for minimalist, modern or glamorous interiors. If, however, we want to focus on an original, eye-catching element of the decor, it is worth choosing a bedspread in a colorful pattern. A strong accent in the form of a combination of patterns and colors fantastically and without much effort changes the atmosphere of the bedroom, incredibly enlivening it. Bedspreads in designer patterns are perfect for interiors decorated in a modern style. A luxurious bedspread makes the room tasteful elegance, and at the same time it becomes more cozy.

What fabric for a bedspread is the best?
When choosing a bedspread, you ask yourself: what material is the bedspread made of? The best choice will be a cotton bedspread made of natural fibre. It is worth choosing a cover made of the highest quality certified cotton, such fabric guarantees high quality of the product. Excellent quality cotton is characterized by the fact that it is incredibly nice and pleasant to the touch as well as extremely durable and durable. Cotton is a material of 100% natural origin, which is characterized by breathability and the ability to absorb moisture. These features are very important for our skin, which can breathe, which definitely affects the comfort of use. A cotton bedspread will therefore be perfect on warm summer days as well as on winter evenings, allowing you to maintain an optimal level of warmth. Densely woven cotton ensures longer durability of the material, it is resistant to stretching and high temperature. Thanks to this, cotton bedspreads can be successfully washed in a washing machine and dried in tumble dryers without fear of damaging the product. This will keep the bedspreads always clean, fragrant and in great condition.

Other uses of the bedspread
The bedspread does not have to be used only as a bed cover! The original use of the bedspread as only to protect bedding and decorations has passed, cotton bedspreads fulfill more functions. The KIMO cotton bedspread will be a great replacement for a blanket during cold winter evenings to wrap our body while reading a book or watching movies. The soft cotton cover is also irreplaceable as a play mat for a small child, it is large enough to easily accommodate children's toys and a baby. It will keep your baby warm and comfortable. Plaid with colorful patterns will be perfect as a picnic mat during summer, warm days in the park. Quilted cotton bedspread can also be used as a summer, thin quilt, ensuring optimal thermal comfort during warmer nights.

How to choose a bedspread correctly?
Choosing the right size of a bedspread depends on many factors. It is necessary to take into account the size of the mattress, the height of the bed whether the bedspread will hang smoothly and touch the floor or maybe we will put it under the mattress. In order to choose the right size, measure the length, width and height of the mattress and then add an overlap of centimeters or the distance to the ground. If we do not have the possibility to measure and we know the size of the mattress, we can choose the size of the bedspread indicatively according to the following scheme:

What bedspread 90x200cm? What bedspread 120x200cm? What bedspread 140x200cm?
For such single beds we sew in KIMO and we recommend choosing a bedspread in the size of 150x200cm.

So what bedspread 160x200? What bedspread 180x200cm? And what bedspread 200x200cm?
For larger, double beds, we recommend the size 250x200cm produced by KIMO, which works great as a cover for beds in the above dimensions.

How to wash and dry a cotton bedspread? Can you iron the bedspread?
Cotton bedspreads can be easily washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees. It should be noted that the drum of the washing machine is not overfilled and that it has some slack after inserting the bedspread, which will allow you to thoroughly wash the material and prevent excessive creasing. When choosing a program, pay attention to the number of revolutions per minute, we do not recommend choosing the highest available option. For washing, use mild detergents, do not bleach and do not chlorinate.

After washing, cotton bedspreads should be immediately hung on a dryer, dried outside in the open air if possible. KIMO cotton bedspreads can be tumble dried and ironed at 110 degrees without steam.

Why is it worth choosing a bedspread with KIMO?
Bedspreads in KIMO are made of the best materials, the fabric and print are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. The bedspreads are made of the best quality cotton woven in a Polish weaving mill, which is extremely nice and pleasant to the touch and durable, so it will serve for a long time years. The bedspreads have original beautiful patterns that you will not get anywhere else. Certified prints on bedspreads are extremely durable and will look great for many years. All production takes place only in Poland. Our bedspreads are designer, modern, timeless and even romantic. Everyone will find a pattern for themselves here. They will delight even the most demanding people with their high quality. The exclusive KIMO bedspread is a great gift idea for a loved one.

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